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Red October Poster for Trekhgornoe Beer

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A Russian's View of Modern Art
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Maquette for an advertisement for cookies from the Krasnyi Oktiabr' (Red October) factory. 1923. Text by Vladimir Mayakovsky. Rodchenko - Poster for Trekhgornoe Beer - 1923 Rodchenko and Mayakovsky
(b St Petersburg, 23 Nov 1891; d Moscow, 3 Dec 1956).
Russian painter, sculptor, designer and photographer. He was a central exponent of Russian Constructivism, owing much to the pre-Revolutionary work of Malevich and he was closely involved in the cultural debates and experiments that followed the Revolution of 1917. In 1921 he denounced, on ideological grounds, easel painting and fine art, and he became an exponent of Productivism (CONSTRUCTIVISM) in many fields, including poster design, furniture, photography and film. He resumed painting in his later years. His work was characterized by the systematic way in which from 1916 he sought to reject the conventional roles of self-expression, personal handling of the medium and tasteful or aesthetic predilections. His early nihilism and condemnation of the concept of art make it problematic even to refer to Rodchenko as an artist: in this respect his development was comparable to that of Dada, although it also had roots in the anarchic activities of Russian Futurist groups.