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Bloodsushibank/ 2000/ mixed media
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Loneliness in the City by Alicia Framis
Bloodsushibank was conceived as a cylindrical box, totally closed in itself. When the benches are moved backwards to open the cylinder, the central platform turns out to be moving around in a steady rhythm, clockwise. The smooth movement of a sushibar is at the same time the smooth movement of a bloodbank. Both the aesthetics and the aseptics of such different functions like donating blood and eating sushi seem to have something in common.

Kidea is a hiding place for children only. In the glass cube they can park their own parents- a reversal of common situations in places like IKEA or Mc Donald's.

Minibar is an elegant structure for women only. Architecturally divided in three modules one man takes care of the visitor's comfort. Minibar is a special place, where privacy is not connected to domesticity anymore.

The first and lower level forms the fantasy room. On the medium level women can enjoy the services of a so-called comforter. This comforter is there to reassure, not only in primarily physical sense, but also in a psychological as well as social sense. The comforter is there to cover some basic needs like conversation, relaxation, sharing ideas and laughing.

The friendly relationship between women takes place in small groups, normally consisting of not more than three persons. In the terrace place, surrounded by an atmosphere of intimacy, the comforter serves an aphrodisiac cocktail, especially developed for Minibar by the Zurich Hexenbar. For reasons of discretion, clients can only see the comforter's hands.