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Modern Scandinavian Prints
Sisters - 2003 London • lamda-print on perspex • 100 x 100 cm
Poverty and inequality have long been raping European people, tearing populations apart and causing hatred amongst them. The uneven share of wealth keeps up the barriers between countries and builds up tension amongst citizens in their states. Mäkipää takes a photograph of two ladies having rats for dinner. The backdrop is a typical third class cityscape, which offers no space for decency. This situation is a paradigm of the inefficiency that still haunts Europe. The dinner of rats is a readily available resource of food for unprivileged citizens. The city-dwellers and landscape-inhabitants meet at the nutritional chain, while the "sisters" Mäkipää stress the gap between the struggling European communities and the Scandinavian welfare society (from which the artist herself originates). Unlike many places in Europe, according to these artists, the standard of Sweden is to provide for every individual optimal possibilities to develop his/her skills and capabilities. This is possible - so they remind less fortunate countries in the world - with a system of free education for all and a safety-net of institutions that help citizens at difficult moments in their life. it seems that Europe and the rest of the world - despite its history - has a long way to go and with much to learn.