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Dir: Richard Linklater/ Wr: Richard Linklater, Eric Schlosser/USA-UK/2006/114mins
Fast Food Nation Fast Food Baby
Taking his own meticulously researched bestseller as the starting point, Eric Schlosser (with director and co-writer Linklater) dramatises his exposé of the junk food industry by centring it around the mid-western town of Cody. Midsized and otherwise unremarkable, the only distinctive thing about the town is its huge meatpacking plant, where cynical business practices and the exploitation of illegal Mexican migrant workers are the order of the day. Our first impressions of the town come by way of Don Henderson, a marketing rep for a major burger chain, sent to investigate contamination in the company's meat supply. Pretty well everyone he meets there has some connection with fast food, whether working in the industry, profiting from it or protesting against it. The ensemble nature of the film allows for some standout performances in crucial but relatively minor roles (Bruce Willis and Kris Kristofferson all but steal the show), whilst Greg Kinnear's mild mannered investigator is an amiable guide. As his eyes are opened, so too are ours. Whilst the social critique is never strident, the inclusion of graphic scenes from the slaughterhouse serves to press home the film's properly subversive intentions.

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Fast Food Nation 69cm x 102cm (approx.) Poster (UK)
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