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Dir: Stacy Title/Prod: Matt Cooper and Larry Dienberg/ Sony Pictures. 93 mins/ (1995)

THE LAST SUPPER is a rerun of a familiar theme: a group of West Coast sophisticates decide to better the world by passing judgment on their influential dinner guests. Say the wrong thing and you wind up as compost for the tomatoes. Food in this ironic post-modern movie, as in the British black comedy SHALLOW GRAVE, is more likely to be a trap or a nasty surprise than simple nourishment.

The greatest moments all occur at the dinner table. In the beginning the meals they "treat" their guests to are very elaborate, but realistic. Later as the five students become less concerned with their guests' final meals they stoop so low as to serve hamburgers. Seldom does the action leave the dinner table. Unlike MY DINNER WITH ANDRE the food at the dinner table is shown throughout the film The camera angles almost always allow the viewer to see the dishes that are their guests' final meals. The fact that they are poisoning their dinner guests will help to tame any appetite generated by the dishes shown. It is also funny to note how the quality of the food declines with each guest, and that sometimes they serve meals that are outright cruel. While very little is shown of food preparation this is definitely a food film.

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