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Blessed Are the Cheesemakers - Amazon.UK
nourriture dans les arts
Peopled by the most singular and enchanting characters one is ever likely to meet, this captivating novel transports us to a place where love lurks in unexpected places and life holds the most delectable surprises...

Joseph Corrigan and Joseph Feehan, better known as Corrie and Fee, make the finest Coolarney Blue cheese in the entire civilized world. But Corrie still pines for his long-lost granddaughter, whisked away from her Ireland home as a child by her gallivanting mother. At this very moment, in a primitive hut on a remote South Seas island, his twenty-nine-year-old granddaughter Abbey is getting ready to leave her irrigation-obsessed husband after discovering that he has gone biblical with several of the natives.

A continent away, Kit Stephens is struggling with the loss of his wife and his career as a high-flying Wall Street broker. What this lonely, hung-over, and burned-out New Yorker needs is a miracle-fast. Where better to find one than in a distant corner of Ireland, on a dairy farm run by the unlikeliest pair ever to preside over a vat of unpasteurized curd?

As Abbey and Kit converge on Coolarney House in County Cork, they discover a marvellous kingdom where something wonderful is always fermenting…where pregnant, vegetarian dairymaids milk cows to "The Sound of Music"…and where a cat named Jesus realizes she just isn't cut out for motherhood. While Corrie and Fee zealously guard the secret of the renowned Coolarney Blue and shelter an odd collection of whisky-soaked men and broken-hearted women, a tantalizing mystery surfaces from the aromatic depths of the factory. Soon Abbey and Kit will find out whether they have what it takes to become master cheese-makers. And something more. For in this magical place where wounds miraculously heal, falling in love is what makes us come truly alive.

A book to delight your heart, taste buds, and funny bone, BLESSED ARE THE CHEESEMAKERS is an irresistible tale about taking life's spilled milk and turning it into the best cheese in the world.