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Dutch painter (b.1598/1600, Deventer, d. 1657, Amsterdam

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Breenbergh returned to Amsterdam from Italy by 1633. He crafted here meticulous Italianate settings for biblical themes such as this picture. He marked the city as Egyptian by his inclusion of an obelisk, but the church at upper right, in front of which Joseph authorizes the sale, faithfully copies a Roman church. As in many seventeenth-century paintings, a vaguely classical town basking in rosy light sufficed to evoke a Mediterranean, biblical past.

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A Corner in Wheat
Joseph Selling Wheatrto the People  
The Art of Describing: Dutch Art in the Seventeenth Century – 
Joseph Selling Wheat to the People
Oil on canvas, 110,5 x 90 cm
Barber Institute of Fine Arts, Birmingham
The Dutch Italianates: 17th Century Masterpieces from Dulwich Picture Gallery, London  – 306,000 listed artists
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