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Dim Sum: The Art of Chinese Tea Lunch
Ellen Blonder
Clarkson N Potter Publishers
Hardcover – April 2002

The award-winning author of Every Grain of Rice introduces the Chinese culinary art of dim sum with a collection of sixty simple, authentic recipes for such treats as steamed and fried dumplings, Chinese pastries, meat or shrimp balls, steamed buns, and other savory delicacies.

Chinese Herb  Cooking for Health  
Wang Chuan-Chen
  Wei-Chuan Publishing, Inc
Hardcover – 1 December, 1997

  Five-willow Fish

Eating and Drinking in China

The Food of China: Authentic Recipes from the Middle Kingdom (Food of Series)  
Luca Invernizzi Tettoni (Editor)

4 out of 5 stars Well presented book with representative recipes. I have not tried all of the recipes yet. The tea smoked duck was fabulous. The beef with sesame was mediocre. Having just been to China, I can vouch that these recipes are both authentic and representative.

The Qianlong Emperor and the Royal Children on New Year’s Eve (detail), 1736—37. Attributed to Giuseppe Castiglione (1688—1766). Hanging scroll. Ink and colour on silk. The Palace Museum, Beijing.

The Chinese Way: Healthy Low-Fat Cooking from China’s Regions  
Eileen Yin-Fei Lo

Discusses Chinese cooking techniques and offers healthy recipes for rice and noodles, fish, vegetables, meats, soups, and desserts