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NEER, Eglon van der/ ARTISTS 1650-1899/ ART MAIN original lfff site
(b. 1634, Amsterdam, d. 1703, Düsseldorf) film and food

Eglon van der Neer was the son of Aert van der Neer, the Dutch landscapist active in Amsterdam and he is best known for genre pieces done in the style of Terborch and Metsu.

At the beginning of his career Eglon travelled in France where he worked for the Dutch governor of Orange. He returned to Amsterdam by 1659. From 1664 until 1679, Rotterdam was his base. Thereafter he spent a decade in Brussels. He was appointed court painter of Charles II of Spain in 1687; however, he apparently never made the trip to the king’s court. In 1690 he accepted the post of court painter to the Elector Palatine, Johann Willhelm in Düsseldorf. Adriaen der Werff, Eglon’s pupil, made contact with the Elector Palatine in 1696 and quickly became his favourite. However, Eglon continued to hold his position until his death in 1703.

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Young Lady at her Breakfast
Oil on canvas
Collection of the Prince of Lichtenstein, Vaduz
Eglon carried on Terborch’s and Metsu’s tradition of showing interiors with scenes of the life of the wealthy classes, and he did so effectively. The rendering of the gown worn by the woman at her breakfast is inspired by and rivals Terborch’s depictions of such materials.
Reproduction courtesy of Bernard Huyvaert’s Dutch 17th century.