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Cactus! - Perforated Stainless Steel Fruit Bowl

A sleek and polished stainless steel design with pierced edges in a stylized shape of cactus leaves gives a look of superior style. Design Marta Sansoni 2003. Made in Italy. (worldwide delivery)






Espresso Coffee Maker
This beautiful espresso maker was the first Alessi object designed for the kitchen after the 30's by Richard Sapper and is on display in the Permanent Design Collection at the MOMA in New York. Made in Italy.
(worldwide delivery)


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When Visiting from the UK, on the opening page, simply tap in a few digits, such as 62100, (the Calais postcode), which will gain you access to the complete site, where you will find an intriguing variety of superb regional produce, including pates, compotes, legumes, etcetera, which are unavailabe outside France.

                    Laurent Perrier Brut                                               

Goods delivered to UK and the EU, too..

 Laurent Perrier Brut N/V
Pale gold in colour with a delicate and complex nose, with hints of citrus and white fruits. Fresh and easy on the palate, with full flavours, plenty of fruit, good balance and length.Save over 100!

Laurent Perrier Rose N/V
The nose is fragrant with hints of red and black fruit, reminiscent of raspberries, black cherries and blackcurrants. The wine is fresh, rounded and supple, with a long finish.Save 96!

Perrier-Jouet Grand Brut N/V
This Grand Marque Champagne House is right on song and displays lovely aromas and flavours of tropical fruit. This Champagne has a fine, persistent mousse followed by lingering flavours of fresh apples and lemons.Save 36

Designed by the Campana Brothers in 2004, this stunning              artistic centrepiece features various lengths of steel wire to create a unique looking series. Light and airy but strong and functional. Made in Italy






Kahlo - book cover








Some Exquisite and Rare Whiskeys, Sherries and Liqueurs to be enjoyed on Planet Earth



Anna Pepper - Pepper Mill

Wine Hound SAVE 15 off any 12-bottle order


Dickens in London






The solution to all your gift needs, from balloon flights to driving days and chocolates to hampers. The site is easy to use and has over 1000 inspirational gift ideas. To view this site click here  



Highland Fayre


Delord Freres Armagnac 1949                                                         tuileries-kitchens          



In days gone by, as the weather got colder people would put on an extra woolly jumper, and having the heating on between May and November would have been considered a bit extravagant.

These days we like to put the heating on. A recent YouGov* survey showed that more than half of us had the heating on in our homes in September.

And whether or not to have the heating on between May and October caused lots of arguments, with more than a fifth reporting that someone in their household secretly switched the heating on, or off.

As energy costs rise, and heating is getting more expensive, nearly half of us attempt to counter costs by using less energy...

If you haven't already got them, Radiator reflectors are an inexpensive and easy way to make an immediate difference to your energy bills and make your home warmer. They work by reflecting the heat that's going into the wall, back into the room.

They’re made from a seven layer laminated aluminium membrane with a unique long lasting coating that maintains its high reflectivity for about 60 years.

Quick and easy to fit - no sticking to the wall or radiator removal required – radiator reflectors just hang from the wall brackets.

Nigel x

Make your home warmer: Click Here

* Yougov survey results • 51% of households had heating on in September • 28% had disagreements • 22% secretly put heating on • 45% try to save energy.

keep your home toasty
Make your home warmer
Ecoflap Door Draught Excluder Window Kit
Letterbox Draught Excluder
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Door Draught Excluder
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Double Glazing Film
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