The finer things in life must certainly be tasteful. The complete gourmet has developed an understanding of the arts, appreciates the connection and recognises the disparity between appetite and hunger.

A consideration of food in fine art is dominated by an exuberance of wealth or symbolism but when movies arrived, the directors brought in a tough narrative line, influenced not so much by painting as by literature, poetry and drama.

The tone of the written word has served to contrast the wide gap between sensual satisfaction and survival. In the 19th century, the prose of Dickens and Balzac entered into the reality of food, triggering the essential truth about life:

Battleship Potemkin

 if we are poor, 

what we feel mostly is hunger.










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Lumiere - Feeding the Baby, 1895

moda knife and fork
Louis Lumiere ‘Feeding the Baby’ (Repas de bebe). 1895. 35mm film, 45 seconds (approx.)

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