From: Guillermo Kahlo
Sent: Tuesday, May 10, 2011 4:03 AM
Subject: RE: Your Linked-in invitation
thanks, how are you? if you still have your web page i will like to submit my new photos related to culinary art. I published several books since I started my ralationship with london food film, my web page is kahlo. net please chek them out i´ll very much like to have you opinion. best wishes. guillermo kahlo

(Born in 1962, Mexican photographer Guillermo Kahlo belongs to the fourth generation of a family dedicated to visual arts. His great-grandfather, also named Guillermo Kahlo, was a prominent architecture photographer and father of the renowned painter, Frida Kahlo.)


December 6th, 2008

Hello, I love your website.  I sent numerous people to  your site and I
wanted to send you some of my work- not sure if I sent you my work before,
but I hope that you enjoy it.  I draw sweets, meats, butchershops, and meat
markets from the various neighborhoods in which I have lived here in NYC.
Here are a few images- chalk pastel on paper and range in size from 3x5 ft
to 5x12 ft.  Any comments or questions more than welcome- thanks again,
Alisoun Meehan


I found your web site because I was trying to track down information about the period foods (authentic???) in the 2000 movie "Vatel" with Gerard Depardieu.  Any information on that film? I didn't notice it listed on your web site.

Anita Yarbery

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From: "Gary Handman"
Sent: Thursday, May 22, 2003 7:57 PM
Subject: Hello and congrats!


I'd just like to drop you a word of congratulations on a wonderful
web site!  I will be teaching a unit on food in film as part of a course
on the politics and culture of food this coming academic year, and your
site is an enormously helpful resource. Please!  If for any reason your organization decides to take this site down or otherwise dismantle it, contact me first! UC Berkeley would love to host the site on our server!

Again, congrats!
Gary Handman
Media Resources Center
Moffitt Library
UC Berkeley



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From: Frances MacMillan


Sent: Thursday, September 16, 2004 2:30 PM


I am an artist living in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  My obsession with foodstuffs and art has led me to your fantastic website...THANK YOU!!! It is wonderful!  I am always on the look-out for new resources which connect food and art together.  Especially interesting and informative articles.

Thanks again,

�        Frances MacMillan


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From: lucie kerley
Sent: Friday, October 08, 2004 9:30 AM
Subject: art history research

hi, my names lucie kerley, i'm a foundation student, studying art and design, recently we've been asked to write our first assignment on any theme which is of interest to us, i found the work of sarah lucas fascinating. when thinking about ideas for an essay title, i wanted to look at how women have been used over the years by artists, to create/depict meaning, eg as sex objects, to provoke sympathy in war propaganda and as slaves, etc. because of this i was wondering if you would be able to send me any further information about sarah lucas, which would help me with my essay?
thankyou, anything would be gratefully appreciated!
lucie x




I have come incidentally onto your Internet site and appreciated your project. Do you have any contacts in Brazil?

My best regards,


Luiz Rezende  




I am teaching a class on Food and Culture and have found your website to have the most complete listing of food movies anywhere.  Thank you!  I wanted to add a couple not listed:
Soylent Green

Leslie G. Kaplan
Assistant Director
Writing Program
University of North Florida



My name is Vittore Riccardi and I teach history in an italian liceo.

I am studyng dutch herring fishery in XV - XVII centuries and its influence on dutches' life in the same period.
I have found your webpage on Joseph de Bray with his Still-life in praise of the pickled herring very interesting and I would be grateful if you could send me the full text of Westerbaen' poem in the foreground: I think it could be useful for my study.
Kind regards,
Vittore Riccardi




Hello my name is patrice I'm french chef and I'm very interested about
your concept , I think is brillante. So I would like to contribute in
any kind like writing about food storie, and famous recipies. If you
are interested please quote my mail add and let me know.



Dear Sir/Madam,

I am currently working on my dissertation for BA Costume and one of the main
focuses is on the film 'Like Water For Chocolate'. The theme of inhibition
and release through the the use of food is a main focal point and I was
wondering as to whether you could give me any other film titles that convey a
similar sort of theme. How the food is used to convey what is going on
through the central characters is a more general way of putting it. I will
thank you on any information you could give me.

Yours Faithfully

Izabelle Smith


(FROM GOOGLE Q&A) I would like to know how to find words, phrases or names, each of
which is related both to food and to art.

I am compiling (for fun) a crossword which is to include both food
words and art(ist) words. I would like to find some words which are in
both categories.

These categories can be interpreted very loosely.  Vegetables, names
of dishes, cuts of meat, famous cookery writers, spices ... ; schools
of art, names of painters, statues, titles of works of art, media,
names of galleries ...

Of course it is 'easy' to find lists of food words and lists of
art(ist) words in books. Also, byrd-ga, in answering GA question
534509, told us about the OneLook Reverse Dictionary
I could combine a huge food list with a huge art/ist list, and see
which words occur twice. But that is hard work. Don't try that for me
for $6.

I don't need all that many, as only a few can be fitted into a 15x15
crossword grid. A dozen as good as my examples below would be fine.

Does anyone *know* a simple way to do this?  I can't afford to pay you
a realistic amount to do extensive research.  But perhaps there is an
elegant solution?

MUNCH, BACON, POUSSIN (all painter's surnames).  
THE POTATO EATERS (painting by Van Gogh).  

ARCIMBOLDO (painter of portraits using vegetable components).  
VINDALOO AND RICE (well-known anagram of) LEONARDO DA VINCI. 
BASIL BRUSH (much-beloved humorous UK TV fox puppet, herb and artist's implement!)

OK, it would be hard work to find many examples like the last three.
But at least you see what I mean.

It's a long shot, but interesting, don't you think?

Request for Question Clarification by pafalafa-ga on 27 Jul 2005 08:31 PDT
I like this kind of question, and actually think I may have come up
with a resource that will work for you.

The London Food Film Festival had a series on Food and Art, and put
together a website of famous painters and their food-related works:

Click on any artist of interest for links to multiple food-related works.

Does this do the trick?



Dear Sir / Madam,

I hope you can help me!

I am looking into doing a film for Blue Peter about the "un-sung heroes" of the film set, focusing on the people who make the food look delicious and magical in Hogwarts (for example), the pet handlers etc etc. 

I remember reading an article last year featuring the food designer on the set of Harry Potter, who designed the floating meringue in The Chamber of Secrets, and shared some of her secrets of how to make a roast chicken still look deliciously appealing even if it's been sitting on the table for 12 hours already�by spreading it with marmite!

Reading your website this seems to be an area of expertise that you might be able to help me with?  Would you know experts in this field who we might be able to do a 6 minute film with for Blue Peter?

Many thanks for your help and I look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes,


Samantha Beddoes
Assistant Producer - BLUE PETER

Dear Admin

My name is Maxfield Bozeat and I am currently a 3rd year Fine Art student at
Central St Martins College of art and design. I have only just become aware
of your website, which is of great interest to me as my own practice has
recently focused solely around food and its consumption. With my last work
being a 6-foot freestanding gingerbread man and writing my Thesis on the
state of authenticity and mythology surrounding British food culture. For my
degree show I am creating a working kitchen designed to make a series of
edible sculptures/meals as part of an investigation into the ideas that food
itself can be an art as taste and smell are senses like any other. I would
be really interested in knowing more about your organisation and the events
you are involved in. I would also be willing to help out in any way if I


Maxfield Bozeat