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The British Library has recently launched a new interactive resource entitled Food Stories, a website that examines the revolutionary changes that have taken place in the production and consumption of food in the UK over the last century. The website can be found at:


Using recordings from the British Library Sound Archive, the animated resource covers a range of subjects: from tradition and ritual, cultural identity and migration to farming, technology, food miles and Fairtrade.
Detailed transcripts and background contextual information are provided for each recording. Teachers' Notes and Student Activities also accompany the website.

The recordings featured on the website were selected from the British Library Sound Archive life story collections focused on food. This collection, titled 'Food: from source to sales point' holds over 300 life story recordings of people who work in all different aspects of food production in the UK – chefs, manufacturers, farmers, food activists etc. The recordings cover the period of time from the late 1880s to the present day and range from 4 hours to 30 hours in duration. The recordings have been archived at the British Library and are available, subject to copyright, to British Library users.

There is enough food in the world to more than sustain the hungry while not disenfranchising the mobility and alertness of the rich and the aspiring rich, enough food to feed the world. Enough food to reach the hungry.  


News - Opening of ACF London Design 

Opening of the ACF London Design Showcase

Tuesday 24 September 2013, 6.00pm | Austrian Cultural Forum London

The Wiener Silbermanufactur featuring objects by

Tomás Alonso
Tea Service, 2011

Rainer Scharf
Turkish Coffee pot Cezve, 2010

Sebastian Menschhorn
Flora Centrepiece, 2006

The ACF London celebrates the opening of a new Design Showcase. Curated by Marion Friedmann, this ongoing display and exhibition series will feature works by Austrian designers and present some of the country’s best contemporary design as well as the companies and stories behind it.

The Wiener Silbermanufactur (Vienna Silver Manufacturers) was founded in 1882 during the ‘Ringstrasse’ period of 19th century Vienna, and relaunched in 2008. They produce luxury, handcrafted, historic and contemporary silverware. An impressive archive of designs, including collaborations with movers and shakers of the Wiener Werkstätte and avant-garde art movements in Austria, have contributed to the innovative and unique quality of their designs.

For information on the Wiener Silbermanufactur see:





Berlinale Culinary Cinema


Slow Food on Film


Media that Matters





Artists Who Cook

Artists have a unique touch in the kitchen due to their eye for form and colour, or their sensitivity to the smells and memories associated with food. 

Author  and Former Editor of ArtNews, Donald Goddard, wrote:

"Some artists hardly go into their kitchens... except for a glass of water or to scramble some eggs. Others go into their kitchens quite a bit. They make things they think are good for themselves and other people. They have fun, they really get into it. 

Sometimes it's really good what they do, I mean extraordinary and good to look at. It means something. It has meaning. It's simple. It tastes like nothing you have ever had before, like some great quintessence of food, especially with a glass of wine. "

Artists and Designers Who Cook


John Cage

Alexander Conner

Salvador Dali

Josh Dmarkis


Richard Dubrow

Paul Jenkins


M.F.K. Fisher

Rachel Kangas

Alex Katz

Kevin Kelly

Willem de Kooning

Elaine de Kooning


Wilfredo Lam

F.T. Marinetti

Lauren Matsumoto


Henry Moore


Brad Melamed

Lori Montana

Georgia O'keefe


Gustavo Ojeda


Francis Picabia

Larry Rivers

Lawrence Weiner





Budding chefs and food lovers are being urged to put their money where their mouths are and hold a dinner party – while raising cash for people living in poverty overseas. Brand new initiative Food for Good is being spearheaded by Practical Action, a charity which runs food projects with some of the poorest communities across the world.

Whether a formal dinner party, an informal coffee morning or a barbeque, guests are asked to make a donation so the charity can continue its vital work. Or why not follow the ‘Come Dine With Me’ route and get together with friends to do a week of dinner parties and score each other?

Practical Action works in 13 countries across the world; and many of its projects focus on helping people grow and sell food. From working with Bangladeshi communities to grow pumpkins on barren land, helping farmers to grow and sell crops, to introducing fuel efficient stoves, the charity has a number of exciting and innovative projects which improve people’s access to food across the world.

To host your own Food for Good event please contract Practical Action on 01926 634400.

Email events@practicalaction.org.uk or visit www.practicalaction.org/foodforgood





Mexico Food


Poets, writers, artists Wherever you are in the world,  protect and promote your current theatre, art, poetry, music campaigns  We want to emphasise real links between the arts and food economics and to help fair trading and direct online access for small food producers. 

Over the past ten years Food in the Arts has begun a dialogue between artists, musicians, authors, filmmakers and poets and also with representatives of the food industry from over 30 countries, as a consequence of the very active website. Essential world regions where ‘artistic transactions’ might beneficially occur are being studied and explored.

We wish to identify artists and arts organisations that might be able to contribute to the growth of this awareness through the website. In particular, we want to initiate contact between relevant artists and local food growers or suppliers. We believe that much talent is unexplored or inhibited, simply because someone happens to live in the ‘wrong’ country. Our target is to bring together the artistic element for the proposed mainstream event, to be held in London.

Food is something that crosses all generations and international communities. It is socially inclusive and cohesive, it is necessary to our survival and, in an aesthetic context, has unlimited appeal. The wealth of the planet is becoming increasingly polarised in the global market. Market growth is at the expense of the freely given, the non-monetary transactions of human communication. Everything that springs from affection and creative expression is an action that does not exploit the poor.

All usefulness has one thing in common - an obsession with wealth. The real problem in the world is not the poor, but the rich. The opposite of poverty is not wealth, but sufficiency. Poor people want enough for their sustenance. They want to be relieved from insecurity, which threatens them with constant eviction and hunger. They want a period of security, peace and stability to bring up a new generation and nurture creative talent.


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