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The great indigenous dish of North Africa is couscous—steamed wheat or semolina grains—served with meats, poultry, and vegetables piled on top of and around the grain. Another is brik (related to the Turkish börek), a deep-fried pastry turnover stuffed with fish or meat and a whole egg. A sampler from this continent would include, in East Africa, peanut (groundnut) soup and beef and cassava stew, cooked with coconut, chilies, and coriander; in West Africa, fish imojo, a fish and seafood salad; in Ethiopia, yetemola cheguara, steamed stuffed whole tripe. South Africans prepare a cinnamon- and clove-flavoured stew, called lamb and pumpkin bredi, and date and onion salad. Angola has a yellow coconut pudding in which the colour comes from the predominance of eggs among the ingredients.
Q Drum
Manufacturer: Q Drum Ltd
Material: polyethylene

Q-drum at the Serpentine Gallery, London   From November 2009 to February 2010, Q Drum was featured in an installation at the Serpentine Gallery, London, curated by Konstantin Grcic. The exhibition was designed in collaboration with Alex Rich and Jürg Lehni.