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LAER, Pieter van/ ARTISTS BEFORE 1650/ ART MAIN original lfff site
(b. 1592/95, Haarlem, d. 1642, Haarlem) film and food  
Dutch painter, active for much of his career (1625-39) in Rome. There he was nicknamed "Il Bamboccio" (Little clumsy one) on account of his deformed body. He was one of the leaders of a fraternal organization set up by Netherlandish artists in Rome to protect their interests.

Van Laer was the first artist to specialize in scenes of street life in Rome. His work proved popular with collectors and he inspired numerous followers who were known as the "Bamboccianti". They were mainly other Northeners working in Rome. Their pictures are called "bambocciata", Italian for childishness. In 1639 van Laer returned to his native Haarlem.

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The Cake Seller

Oil on canvas
Galleria Nazionale, Rome


This work is distinguished by the dignity it gives to a simple moment in the life of humble people without a trace of the anecdotal or picturesque. The static stance and quiet mood of the old pedlar sending bread rings (ciambella) recalls the tragic overtones found in Louis Le Nain’s paintings of peasants.

The painting was also attributed to Johannes Lingelbach (1622-1674), a member of the younger generation who continued working in Bamboccio’s style after he left Rome