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WTEWAEL, Joachim/ ARTISTS BEFORE 1650/ ART MAIN original lfff
(b. 1566, Utrecht, d. 1638, Utrecht)

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Wtewael (or Uytewael), Joachim, Dutch figure painter. After travelling in Italy and France c.1588-92, he settled in his native Utrecht, where he became one of the leading Dutch exponents of Mannerism. His highly distinctive. charmingly artificial style, which remained untouched by the naturalistic developments happening around him, was characterized by acidic colours and elegant figures in wilfully distorted poses. The best collection of his work, including a selfportrait (1601), is in the Centraal Museum, Utrecht. music and food
  Joachim Wtewael – Persée et Andromède –

Kitchen Scene

Oil on canvas, 65 x 98 cm
Staatliche Museen, Berlin
  Joachim Wtewael: Mars and Venus Surprised by Vulcan (Getty Museum Studies on Art) –

Occasionally it is hard to distinguish market scenes from the genre of early kitchen scenes which also tended to display still-life features. Similar to the market stall, they often show tables and sideboards with clusters of baskets and bowls full of fruit and vegetables.

In Wtewael’s Kitchen Scene the real subject is supposed to be the Rich Man and Lazarus (Luke 16:19-31). This shows that in the 16th and 17th centuries the biblical motifs of feasts were used by painters as pretexts for reflection on consumer habits and attitudes towards the new wealth which resulted from improvements in agricultural production.

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 Joachim Wtewael and Dutch Mannerism –