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Born in 1962, Mexican photographer Guillermo Kahlo belongs to the fourth generation of a family dedicated to visual arts. His great-grandfather, also named Guillermo Kahlo, was a prominent architecture photographer and father of the renowned painter, Frida Kahlo.

During the last twelve years Guillermo has been dedicated to photography, more specifically to the practice of portrait and food photography. The result of his approach in both genres has been the creation of images characterized by simplicity, elegance and dramatic force. He has developed the visual concept and created the photography for four books about Mexican gastronomy. His work has been exhibited in Mexico, United States, Europe and South Africa, and has been published in several magazines including Food and Wine and Conde Nast Publications.

  Kahlo book cover  
  Kahlo - Apple/Shrimp

apple – shrimp

  Individual Prints

Single Colour Image Polyester Print material no black frame or small black
frame (cover)

1 x 1 mts $ 1,500 U.S.
80 x 80 cm $ 1,250 U.S
50 x 50 cm $ 650 U.S

Single Color Image Polyester Print material no frame or small black frame

90 x 72.5 cm $ 1,500 U.S.
80 x 64.5 cm $ 1,250 U.S.
50 x 40.2 cm $ 650 U.S

Single Image Black and White Epson Print on Cotton paper white frame (apple)

90 x 80.3 cm $ 1,300 U.S.
80 x 71.4 cm $ 1,200 U.S
50 x 44.6 cm $ 700 U.S


We are referring as frame for the black or white space around the image area
The approximate size of the small frame is about 7 cm.


Two Images colour print on Polyester material with black frame

100 x 86.6 cm (image area including both images 80 x 56 cm) $1650 U.S

If you are interested in purchasing any of the above prints, or others in the collection of the artist, please e-mail [email protected] with your requirements and we will forward your request to the artist’s studio in Mexico.

Work can be sent safely by guaranteed mail to anywhere in the world.

All images displayed on this page are copyright 2009 Guillermo Kahlo. Reproduction of these images in any form or medium is strictly forbidden without the artist’s permission






  Guillermo Kahlo - chili



deer meat

  guanabana - tamal

guanabana – tamal